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Company Overview

Reamna International Fzco. is a multinational conglomerate based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates engaged in general trading of fast-moving consumer goods.

Reamna is a Parent Company for various Reamna Group of Companies in Eritrea, Angola, D.R Congo, Kenya, South Sudan, and the Republic of T’chad. The core business of our Group is general trading in (FMCG), international chain hotel development and production of personal and home care products.

We organize our human and material resources to manage our business in a creative and innovative approach to generate a value addition for all the stakeholders of our Group. At Reamna, we believe in quality and hence procure quality products from the best suppliers in any corners of the globe.

In our Group, we believe customer success is our satisfaction and customer satisfaction is our success. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals excel in achieving this motto and coining conducive environment to give full attention and prompt response to the changing needs of our customers. The attitude of ready to attend our customer enables them to come up with all their inquiries to the group and the Group has a mission to meet all our customer’ need at reasonable cost.

We are equipped with the required state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and competent human resources to produce products and services that can meet the quality, performance, and price aspirations of our customers with no harm to our ecosystem.

We understand and appreciate the market competitive nature and exercise a culture of transparency, respect, accountability, diversity, and excellence to leverage our core competence and efficiency to reinforce our competitive edge and achieve our outlined goals.

Our Mission

Reamna’s mission is to build a reliable and diversified business that delivers superior values to its stakeholders.

Our Vision

To be multinational conglomerate and preferred choice of customers, suppliers, employee, and consumers.

Our Strategy

We have designed and catered a blueprint of our Company’s Strategy that aligns with our mission and vision to differentiate our self by balancing our portfolio with Generic and Innovative activities, combining local customer responsiveness with a "global edge" and successfully managing to increase profitable growth and complexity.

Strategy Discipline

  • Setting up SMART Objectives
  • Integrate the right infrastructure
  • Foster dynamic Research & Development
  • Leverage internal & external resources
  • Set milestones to monitor progress
  • Diversify portfolio to minimize risks


  • Think globally and act accordingly
  • Create value by cross leveraging our global organization's strengths
  • Maintaining relationship with the business partner
  • Always work to excel competition.

Openness to Change

  • Encourage directness and open communication channels
  • Be fast and flexible
  • Decode challenges into opportunities.

Values (TRADE)






TRADE practices are the very foundation of the Group. We believe in Integrity and superior quality service to everyone at any time with transparency, respect, accountability, diversity, and excellence. We honor stakeholders’ value with the aim of being on the dot and innovative in our approach. We target highest level of customer satisfaction and excellence through our teamwork. We have a goal to be the first choice of supplier, customers, and service providers and endeavoring to achieve it. Our success lies in the leadership of our management, the skills and commitment of our people, the quality of our offerings to our customers.

Our Goals

Enhance profitability and product diversity.

Generate returns that complement to our growth and equilibrium the need of the local and international market to meet the common objective

Contribute substantially to the economy of the host country.

We believe in betterment of everyone, so at Reamna International FZCO we generate business opportunities where we operate and we proud of ourselves in being an active part of the country economy through our progressing export services across the globe.

Improve well-being of our staff.

As an employer, we focus on our Values … we are what we have, that is our employees. hard works, intensity, in-depth knowledge, commitment, well-timed solutions, results beyond expectations and knowledge-sharing culture are the building maker of our employees. While their peace of mind, making work as an indulgence, cherish their esteem and their continuous growth are the key components for us to earn their satisfaction and commitment.

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